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Our Approach

At our practice, we embrace a therapeutic approach that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We draw from a diverse range of modalities, including mindfulness-based approaches, narrative-informed therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, existential therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, client-centered therapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy. 

Central to our approach is empathy, a strong focus on social justice models, and the agency of the clients. We deeply value and address the impact of intersectionalities on mental health and the dangers of a single story.

We approach our work with curiosity and openness, acknowledging that it is an ongoing journey. We understand that we may not have all the answers, but we are committed to continuous learning, growth, and refining our understanding. It is our unwavering dedication to taking a stance and remaining receptive to new insights that enable us to better serve our clients and advocate for positive change in the mental health field.

At our practice, we are here to support you with compassion and respect, recognizing the unique challenges and experiences you bring. By recognizing and validating the complexities of your identity and the systems of oppression you may face, we strive to create a therapeutic space that promotes inclusivity, equality, and empowerment and is responsive to your needs, ensuring that you feel seen, heard, and valued throughout your therapeutic journey.

As Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said “The single story creates stereotype and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue but that they are incomplete, they make one story become the only story. When we reject the single story, when we realize that there is never a single story about any place, we regain a kind of paradise ”

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